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Aguilar Family Missions on the Island of Hispaniola

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What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
~ James 2:14-17

Meet the Aguilars

TorreBioArturo (Torre) has been a follower of Christ since high school and since then has believed that God called him to the medical field to show his grace and love for people. He felt called to minister to other medical professionals in the United States but had initially never felt called to medical missions. He completed his medical residency in Family Medicine at New Hampshire Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency and his fellowship in Sports Medicine at Boston University Medical Center. As he was finishing his fellowship he went on his first medical mission in the Dominican Republic with GO Ministries. Through that experience he developed new passion for medical missions and continued to pursue yearly trips with GO over the next four years. As time went on he realized his call and gifting as a longer term missionary to other nations. Arturo’s relationship with and passion for the people of the Dominican Republic led him to pursue long-term missions with GO Ministries. Little did he know that his call to minister to the American medical community would remain true and that God would bring them to him by way of short-term mission trips to aid him in his work in the DR.

JessBioJessica has had a relationship with Christ since she was a young girl. She has always known that Jesus was meant to have her whole heart and that she desired to share his love with others. She began serving in her local church community by singing, and leading in children’s and youth ministry. Over the years she has continued to use her creative and administrative gifts to lead in the different areas of ministry God has given her. Jessica became interested in missions in high school and was able to travel to Romania on her first international mission in her early twenties. Ever since then she has had a desire to continue to serve others around the world and to share the love of Jesus with them by meeting tangible every day needs. Her relationship with GO Ministries began four years ago on her first medical mission to the Dominican Republic where her passion and vision for serving on the mission field was once again inspired. As she joins GO Ministries as a long-term missionary her vision is to use her passion for photo journalism to visually tell the stories of the people ofthe Dominican Republic and the work that God continues to do in and through GO so that others will be challenged and moved to be apart of God’s work in the DR and around the world.

Why the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a developing nation of ten million people located on the island of Hispaniola. They are Latin American country that shares the island in the Caribbean Sea with Haiti. Most people from the United States know the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination with cruise ships and beaches. Much of the Dominican resources have been tied up in the tourism economy and have not reached the impoverished areas. More than 40% of the population lives in poverty (The World Bank) and almost 20% of the population is living in extreme poverty (Rural Poverty Portal). There are hospitals and medical resources available in the larger tourist areas and cities but most of the time this medical care does not make it to the rural areas where the majority of the poor live. 28% of Dominicans have no access to government healthcare (CRC) and the infant death rate in the Dominican Republic is four times higher than in the U.S. (CIA). The United States government has researched their medical system and recognized their difficulty with getting medical resources to the impoverished rural areas. The people in these ares do not have access to basic medical and hygiene needs. They are unable to obtain simple remedies that we often take for granted in the United States such as children’s tylenol, vitamins, bandaids, antiseptic ointments, and nutritional foods. Going to the doctor for urgent conditions, let alone regular check ups, is scarcely a possibility for them because of their low to no income, proximity to large cities, and other needs such as food and housing.

Who is GO Ministries?

GO Ministries was founded out of the heart of a man willing to follow his passion for God and his calling to lead and challenge others to see and serve beyond themselves. GO Ministries seeks to empower passionate local leaders serving inside their own cultures to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation by developing dynamic international, mutually transformational partnerships. They serve in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Columbia, Mongolia, and Urban America. Click here to learn more about GO.

What’s the Plan?

We have been serving with GO Ministries on yearly medical mission trip since 2010, taking free medical care to the rural areas in the DR and providing medicines and hygiene products at no cost. We have partnered with GO in their comprehensive approach to sharing the love of Jesus by providing leadership and ministry training to passionate local leaders and helping them to start and maintain local churches that impact their community. Through these churches they provide a nutritional feeding center for hungry children, sports outreach to model leadership and responsibility in older children and young adults, and medical care to children and their families in the name of Christ.

Until now, GO Ministries has been able to attend intermittently to medical needs with one week, short-term medical mission trips form the United States. We are coming on board as full-time missionaries with GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic to help facilitate this care to the next level. Arturo (Torre) will be serving as the Medical Director of GO Ministries in the Dominican Republic. He will be helping to provide on-going, regular care with urgent care, primary care and much needed preventative care out of the new GO Ministries Medical Clinic based in the city of Santiago. We will be augmenting what is already being done by taking this care to the rural areas on a regular basis. Vans will be outfitted with electronic medical records, medical supplies and free medicines and quarterly taken out to the rural areas. We will be diagnosing and regularly following up acute infections such as  parasite infections, fungal infections, wound infections, and pneumonia; acute issues such as asthma exacerbations, fracture care, and suturing; chronic conditions such as malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thyroid disorders. These regular visits will increase the quality of health care that the poor will receive. We can refill medicines before they run out and follow up conditions to make adjustments in their treatments and to aid in compliance. We will have the ability to take blood samples and X-rays when needed. Speciality care can be utilized by way of short term mission trips from the US from multiple different specialties more effectively because we will know ahead of time who would benefit from which services and be able to follow this care after they leave. Arturo (Torre) will be facilitating those medical trips from the US as well as building relationships with the local medical community partnering with them to provide education to medial students/residents.

The gospel of Jesus Christ will be given and demonstrated through the vast opportunity provided by medical care.
The goal is to lead people to salvation and discipleship through Jesus Christ. His love will be shown by meeting real needs in practical ways.



This is where you come in! This mission would not be sustainable without the prayer and financial generosity of people who commit to partnering with us!

Staying on the field full time takes a lot of individuals and organizations to help us continue to maintain our field expenses. Our budget includes living expenses, funding for medicines, medical supplies, nutritional food, education, sports outreach and ministry training.

Would you prayerfully consider joining our monthly prayer and support team?
We need all kinds and sizes of gifts and we definitely wouldn’t turn any gift down. Donate Today!

Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you. We would also love to share our story with the missions team at your church! Connect with us here.

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