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Aguilar Family Missions on the Island of Hispaniola

God is in the “every day”

One of the challenges I face with blogging is that I’m the kind of person who feels that every blog needs to be AMAZING!…have a life changing storyline…be impressive! Well, the truth is, not everything in life on the mission field is amazing, life changing and impressive, but we do serve an amazing, life changing, impressive God who is always at work, even in the “every day”, so I’m going to work on sharing more of our “every day” AS WELL AS the amazing, life changing and impressive stuff God is doing in us and through GO Ministries!

May is a month of preparation here in the DR. It’s kinda the calm before the storm! It’s the last month of the year, until September, where things are fairly quite and each area of the ministry is working hard to prepare for the Summer rush of ministry and excitement. It’s actually been a pretty busy month of planning, projects, paperwork, and for us, still learning the process of our new roles and resting in God’s grace for what he desired to see done in and through us.

It’s really easy to get caught up in our needs isn’t it? Even in the midst of God’s undeniable provision our needs are often jumping up and down screaming and at top of their lunges, “Don’t forget about me!”. We have financial needs, needs for more people to answer the call to missions and join GO here on the Island of Hispaniola, the need to see more clearly what God is doing and how he desires us to join him/be with him in it, the need for rest, but mostly the need to keep God and our walk with him the #1 priority because just “being busy about our Father’s business” is very different than sitting at our Father’s feet and answering His call when there’s something He desires to use us for.

I’m naturally a “doer”… a Martha… always feeling the need to be “busy” so I feel I have done something to justify my time. I’m OFTEN reminded of the two sisters, Martha and Mary, in Luke 10. Jesus came to visit them with his disciples and as Martha was running about making preparations for their stay, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus. Martha got all upset and complained to Jesus that her sister wasn’t helping her and this was Jesus’s reply, Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42) I want to choose what is better… to be more concerned about being with my Jesus than what I’m “doing” for Him. It’s only through my BEING with Him can I truly be successful in my “doing” anyways.

Just a few faithful ways God provided for us and the ministry this month:
~ The Communications team had a bit more on our plate this month than we could chew so God empowered us by providing extra help and someone to share our load!
~ One of GO’s US partners randomly sent a foot brace down to the GO Medical Clinic and it’s the exact brace the husband of one of our Dominican Nurse’s needs for after his surgery! It would’ve been extremely expensive if they had to buy it on their own.
~ GO Sports left last Tuesday for the first time ever with a missions team of GO baseball players to the States! God provided the Visas, passports and financial provisions for these boys to travel St. Louis to have the opportunity to serve others in the way they have been served! Read more about it here.

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